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TWD Tradewinds

  Innovative labelling solutions

Tacit Bio - applying Tacit Knowledge to harness technology innovation and address unmet needs in the life sciences

At TacitBio, we follow the principles of "open innovation", We work with our clients, using our creativity, to help to scope out the opportunities for translating new scientific discoveries and technology developments into commercially viable products or services.

We use our team's collective tacit knowledge to identify unmet needs in prospective customers' workflows. Through close collaboration with key opinion leaders and "innovators", we gather detailed input which is then used to guide the focused development and translation of technologies into products. We also assist with the early implementation of these solutions.

In short, we use our creativity and networks in the life sciences industry to bring customers, inventors, technology developers and investors together to the benefit of everyone involved. In so doing, we help our clients recognise the commercial value of their innovation but also end-users to satisfy unmet needs.

Silicon Biosystems

  Single Cell Sorting